About Us

We are the official makers of luxe seaside foot jewels and jewelled sandals.
Our seaside foot jewels are designed in Australia and assembled
with love and care. Packaged beautifully for beach brides worldwide.
Our mission is to create beautiful foot jewels & barefoot sandals
to compliment the dress of your dreams!
We have also created a jewelled sandals/flipflops for our Honeymoon collection. Designed to be worn whilst strolling along perfectly manicured resort gardens lined with tropical palm trees swaying in the breeze, it's your honeymoon and these luxurious sandals will take you from day to night as the jewels shimmer under the sun and glimmer in the moolight.
insta: @sanjewels
Facebook: www.fb.com/sanjewelspage
Email: info@sanjewels.com